Lauri in Idols today!

Lauri in Idols

Thanks to our Barbi for sharing the link with the interview made just half an hour before the start of the first Idol final in which Lauri will be a guest judge. In the article Lauri tells that he would expect the singers would give in everything without fear and show themselves; that when it comes to stadion rock then you need for a proper show-mood; he’s is sure that during the show there will be many famous songs; Lauri does not know any of the finalists because he hasn’t been watching previously the show and he thinks it’s only fair because he can now judge with ‘clean tables’ without prejudices; he will not be pessimistic, will keep his eyes and ears open and ready to give advices to the performance how can they then improve themselves.

Idols starts today at 19.30 Finnish Time on MTV3.


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