Lauri Interview in Metrolive

Picture: Marja Väänänen

MetroLive has published an article with Lauri. A part of it (or maybe the whole) has been posted on their site here; and if in the paper version more appears we’ll let you know. Also Iltalehti took over the article, saying the same, you can find it here. Below is the translation of the original Metrolive article. Thank you to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum for sharing.

To solo career left, The Rasmus’s Lauri Ylönen is a family man who still dares to dress up like international megastars. He’s posing in front of his bandmate taking pictures in strained trousers and without t-shirt with Lady Gaga styled metal cage on his head. Lauri has received so far more feedback on the pictures than on his music.
-I’ve always admired rockers who can perform at least half naked, but in front of the band performing shirtless would look funny. When I’ll get the chance to perform solo I will not anymore have shirt on me. For next I was thinking of taking pictures in which I pose without clothes, Lauri laughs.
Solo album was released earlier this week, but Ylönen found himself in front of a new challenge when he traveled to Singapore to write new material for the follow up album after Black Roses. The computer-made demos didn’t really ‘support’ the rough guitar sounds. From this came the idea to start a solo career, so he wouldn’t have to spoil the long Rasmus history by changing the music style dramatically.
-Yes I was a bit nervous to start calling the guys and telling them about starting a solo career because I didn’t wanted to offend anyone. If someone from the bandmates would have done something like this to me, it sure would have felt like shit.
Millions of albums sold Rasmus solist decided to make electro music, which he couldn’t tolerate at all before.
-I tried before to listen to house and trance, but I couldn’t just take it. I tried to like it, but I didn’t have the patience to wait for a tip to open in a minute.  Now I just enjoy that in the song there is a good bass sound.
Untypical for electro music, Ylönen made lyrics about quite heavy and tough topics.
-In one I handle anorexia. We’ve been talking with The Rasmus guys about the issue and an example for it can be found also in our close friend circle.
There were no songs left anymore in the drawer.
-It has that good old feeling, that every song has been used. When at the beginning we did Rasmus’ first album, we had exactly 11 songs and we went and recorded them all.
-On this album it’s more like decisions made at the moment of work. We just enjoyed the parts of the songs in one take, and we weren’t bothered if I sang the wrong tune. These songs are a bit like shit, but in a good meaning, Lauri told about his way of working
With The Rasmus now for years in turn Lauri enjoys working on low profile.
-When we were shooting videos with The Rasmus, we were taken from the hotel with rose ways and at the place of the shooting we were given like massage. In comparison, this was kind of an amateur work, because I was making puppets for months long in the garage before I left to shoot the video at the place of the director in Sweden. But I was missing this ‘for small band’ work feeling.


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