Lauri Interview in Iltalehti

Lauri Iltalehti

Iltalehti has published an article/interview with Lauri in the paper version of the newspaper (it can also be bought online on Translation of the article can be found below. Thanks to Sharazan for letting know about the article.

The Rasmus’ solist’ Lauri Ylönen’s new solo album New World has dark lyrics and has influences on 1990-years electro pop music.
-The Rasmus has a lot more minimalistic music. Minimalism has also come in my life in many other parts of my life, Ylönen tells.
The solo material has been born by accident when Lauri and Rasmus’ guitarist Pauli Rantasalmi has come together to make new music for the upcoming album of the band.
-I went to Pauli’s to Singapore for a holiday and to make lyrics, and Pauli inspired me in developing in things. But when we met to match the guitars and other sounds, the whole thing just didn’t work as a Rasmus style thing.

No risk

Ylönen is tensed about how the solo material is welcomed.
-It would be really great if the album would go gold. But I cannot say anything how it would go. It could be that way that the songs will be playing in the radio, but the album is not sold that good in the stores, Lauri wonders.
For Rasmus-fans, Lauri’s solo stuff could sound strange for the reason that it’s based on electro music and sounds.
-I’m satisfied that it sounds so much different from The Rasmus’ music. In a way I was afraid that it won’t be enough differences.
Lauri releases the album through his own record company, but he takes no pressure about the success.
-The album will not be in any ways economic crises to me. And I won’t be depressed if it won’t have success. I already started making new material and I believe that I will do also a second solo album.

Band stays

As for gigs, the autumn for Lauri Ylönen looks good. For summer the band has some festivals to do in Finland. During the autumn they do some club-touring.
-In addition to Finland it would great to go also in other Nordic countries and also to Central-Europe. As for the gig venues, they would be like few hundred people clubs (like 300), like ten times smaller than the ones where The Rasmus performs usually.
Lauri assured that in fact of his solo stuff The Rasmus will continue on their normal way.
-This summer we’ll start making new album, which would come out in my opinion in about a year.

Millions sold worldwide

In 1994 established The Rasmus grew into mega liked band after their Dead Letters album.
The album was released in 2003 and it was sold only in Finland in over 80.000 pieces. The two following albums, Hide from the Sun and Black Roses, also came to being gold in Finland.
Worldwide the sales of the band’ album are somewhere around 3.5 million pieces.
-For the release of the albums we made press conferences which were incredible especially in the Baltic countries and in South-America. There were hundreds of journalists, Lauri Ylönen tells.
As a marked way there should be plenty of time for the music itself and for making it.
-Sometimes during the promotion-tours we have been wondering with the guys when we will make finally to play.
-But it makes part of this job and it’s of course great that so many want to know us and our music, Lauri tells.


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