Lauri @ Maria Show

Lauri @ Maria Show

As you all know Lauri has been guest yesterday at Nelonen’s Maria Veitolan Show. You can find the video here for a week more, and here is uploaded on YouTube, thanks to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum. Sum up of the interview can be found below.

-at first even at EMMA he thought that his project is going the wrong way and break, he thought of it as being a quite dangerous challenge; when he was 30 he bought some ‘man shoes’ that were white but he has never used them so far, they are there waiting for the right day to be used; he was the one who always rebelled against electronic music around The Rasmus; he was the one to make a music video for The Rasmus with teddy suits but the rest of the guys didn’t really liked the idea; he didn’t got any wrinkles and he isn’t really worried about them just yet, but he thinks he is kind of tired baby looking; then they show them how they imagined him looking when he is old and he tells it’s looking like a japan sensei; he is now a superstar and will never get a general man again but he doesn’t even wish for it, and he’s not suffering at all of being a super star; he’s one of those few Finnish musicians who has made a lot of money only by music and he tells that it’s because he has been wise about organizing things, then he’s asked if he has a treasurer but he only asks ‘what is that?’; he’s never understood those who collected paintings and such but he’s slowly getting the feeling of it; he has quit smoking 2 years ago just for fun and thinks that things now look different from the way they did the touring like: party, drinking and such and wanted to break up with that.


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