Lauri @ Radio Nostalgia

Lauri @ Radio Nostalgia

Lauri has made yesterday a surprise visit at Radio Nostalgia and had given a 15 minute interview. You can listen to the interview from here. Thanks to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum for the notification.

-Lauri tells that on New World his voice has been modified a lot of times to fit the style; the guy (interviewer) reveals that he has been playing with The Rasmus back in 1994 as background musician when the guys had their very first gigs; he likes very much Milano because there are a lot of friends of him and pizzerias and lot of interesting thing; also his father has been encouraging him to play in a band and he has got his first guitar from him, his father has been a big Beatles fan; there are some gigs when also their parents are with them like for example one of their gigs in Austria; he sometimes goes to work out and used to skate but since he fall he gave it up; he would like to go touring outside Finland too during the autumn in small clubs.


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