Lauri @ Radio Nova and MTV3-Huomenta Suomi!

Lauri @ Radio Nova - Aamun Radio

Lauri has been today guest at Radio Nova’s morning show, Aamun Radio from 8.40 AM. You can find the interview here and below a short summary of what he has been talking about.
-he thought to release music more often via his solo career; with The Rasmus making music is going a little slower because they also mess around together, and he thinks it sounds a little weird that he is a musician but he manages to get only 10 songs in 3 years by releasing stuff only with TR; he tells that the rest of the guys took the news of him going also solo pretty good and they have been asking him when he is doing gigs, he said he’ll make some festivals and also organize meet&greets to them; he thinks that because of his change of views also comes more in the ‘pictures’/style of The Rasmus; he was trying to differenciate musically and visually his solo stuff from TR because they do not fit together at all; he recently been listening to a lot of Daft Punk, Björk and Prodigy; when asked about his incomes he said that he got a new car and since bought a new house it’s only fair, but when it comes to one earning more them it has to work hell of a lot and he can not just make as much work as before and all the time.

He has also been from 9.15AM at MTV3’s Huomenta Suomi. You can find the video (don’t know how long available) here or here for YouTube, and select on the left side The Rasmuksen Lauri Ylönen soolouralle (28.03). Here he has been talking about the story how Heavy was born (that we already know), that he’s not much into politics although he has a great friend who is politician Pekka Haavisto, he also told that in July the rest of the TR guys (Eero and Pauli) are coming to Finland and they will start work on the new album although they have no idea yet for when we can expect a release of it, he will have some summer festivals and a short tour in autumn of his solo career.


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