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'New World' Cover

Thank you to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum for sharing the link about the background information of the songs from New World. You can find the original article in Finnish from here; and the translation can be found below.

The Rasmus’ Lauri presents his solo album

Known as The Rasmus’ singer, Lauri Ylönen releases his first solo album, New World on 30th of March. Lauri presents to our readers the songs of the album song by song. For the users of Spotify Premium Lauri’s new album can be prelistened already on 23.03.

In this song there is still the original demo version and also the lyrics. The song is built fully from improvisation, and maybe just because it’s the album’s most surprising and refereshing tune. For the whole album the theme was those sponataneous mode. If for someone it felt good the whole album at the time, it will stay so without the songs receiving any further disturbance.

Released as first single, Heavy was also born as a first song. I was at Rasmus-Pauli’s place in Singapore when I got the idea of the music which fit perfectly for night-driving. The work title of the album was Nightride. In the lyrics of Heavy is discussed the freedom of speech and its lack.

Have A Little Mercy
In Have A Little Mercy there is quite a sensitive topic: anorexia. In front of the mirror often one is hard with itself, but gets self criticism from others too. The pressure from the “examples” around distort the perception of the beauty of a public.

In this song an innocent girl is executed in front of a crowd. The lyrics tell how it really feels like to be dieing. The sound of the song is quite artistic and has a touch of Björk’s music as well.

In The City
In The City is a true nightride-song, and there is a wonderful night-like tune. In the song there is questioned the matter of the indiscreet marriage. Almost all of my friends who have been married are by now already divorced. Concerning marriage it’s not worth to be in a rush, not to all of the couples marriage fits or it’s not necessary. I have never sang that hight than in this song.

You Don’t Rememeber My Name
It’s a story about a loved person, who doesn’t even notices you. In the lyrics there is something schlager-like and Finnish feeling.

Because of You
Because of You is the first and probably the last song that I did about my son, Julius. In the song I tell about his importance in my life.

What Are You Waiting For?
The lyrics tell about a one-night-stand. The song has quite hot beats!

Got You On My Mind
In this song there is an exciting atmosphere. I sung the song just as silent as I could.It would be nice to hear this song in the background of a movie! The lyrics are quite psychedelic, and maybe not even myself realized what was done.

New World
A live gig would greatly start with this song! It has a hint to Judgement Day and Terminator. In the song there is as guest also a robot named Vicky.

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