Lauri @ Strada [Yle TV1]

Just a few minutes ago ended the interview with Lauri on Yle TV1 in Strada. Big thanks to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum for the recording made, which you can find here. Below you can find the main ideas of the video; back-linking appreciated if you use it :). Re-airing of the program will be on 23.03 starting with 23.30 Finnish Time.

-First he has been asked if his solo career would mean that The Rasmus will brake up and his answer was a clear and pretty fast No. That in July they will start training with the rest of the guys for new material of the band.
-He said that he wanted his solo stuff to be radically different from The Rasmus stuff and it somehow has a sci-fi tune at many parts of the material.
-They go to Helsinki’s Suvilahti Areea where there are graffities on the wall. Lauri confesses that he has been very much into graffiti when he was young, was caught several time by the police and even shut off, but his dad payed and he was set free. These days he’s more into drawing and architecture; and likes visiting different kinds of buildings.
-They go to the Oranssi Nuorisoseuraa where Lauri recalls that they have been playing quite a few times in Oranssi club at the beginning of The Rasmus’ career. He’s asked to help in ‘painting’ and they decide to paint a frog on the wall. Lauri tells that he finds drawing quite relaxing; and also that he’s not really much into politics, he’s not good in talking except when it comes to interviews.
-In the end he asks the presenter if he can take a picture of the drawing for his son.


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