Solo album releaser Lauri Ylönen reveals the future of The Rasmus

Lauri @ EMMA Gaala

Here is a small article with Lauri made by Voice at the EMMA Gaala.

From Lauri Ylönen is promised his first solo album, New World at the end of March. The singer revealed to Voice what kind of plans The Rasmus has for the future.

Despite Ylönen’s solo material he’s also worried about thoughts for The Rasmus’ new material.

Worldwide success achieved musicians decided already when the activity of the band will be started again.

-The guys are coming to Finland at the beginning of July. We decided on a weekly Skype-meeting, and then afterwards going to training to play. At the previous records we did the songs more on computer. For the next The Rasmus album we start like going to trainings to start it properly.

Although the release of New World is around the corner, the singer still didn’t have big pre-designs that has been made, like the plannings of the tour.

-For now taking it in small steps. The album is released via own record label. Promised are few TV-presences, and would be nice to do something also in other countries. Some simple festival would be good to also do in Finland. During autumn, if everything goes well, then could make some more gigs.

New World is released on 30th March.

2 comments on “Solo album releaser Lauri Ylönen reveals the future of The Rasmus”

  1. por fin una buena noticia asi que a esperar hasta julio

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