Minun musiikkini: Lauri Ylönen [YleX]

Minun musiikkini: Lauri Ylönen

YleX posted a small questionaire with Lauri in which he told about his musical taste. You can find the picture with the questionarre here. Translation below.

My favorite music

I listen preferably to Suomiräp music. (It’s rap in Finnish.)

I don’t like A capepella music.

On my album-shelf can be found about 600 albums. (vinyls, CDs, digital albums)

Favorite band/artist is Björk!

Favorite album is Air/Moon Safari

Favorite song: Tänään: Around the world

What kind of a music user I am, in what situations listen to most music? When at airport, bus or car.

What else: NO JOO

Thanks to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum for sharing it.


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