Lauri @ Voice Heräämö

Lauri @ EMMA Gaala Backstage

Here and here you can find the video version of the interview Lauri has been giving today morning to Voice Heräämö about his solo project and the new video Heavy which premiered on Voice TV today morning. The main ideas and what is new are posted below.

-He mentions that he hasn’t been drinking for a few years now.
-He thought to be the kind of Mad Scientist in the Heavy video.
-He received the feathers he are wearing from all around the world in envelopes.
-The Rasmus fans reaction to his new sound (his opinion): some of them think that it would have fir the Rasmus style.
-He has been asked if he’s not afraid that now that he has two projects going on after a while all his ideas will end; he said that he has now plenty of them even for The Rasmus which are going to be tried during the summer.
-They first wanted to bring lasers and all that from Germany and it would have cost 12.000and something euros, but after all they have found in Finland too.
-The Rasmus will start working on new album in July when the guys come home and they will start like really hard rocking.
-He thinks most part of the album New World is more techno than Heavy, but there are some house stuffs too, kind of Daft Punk things.
-He has been doing also the musical arrangements for New World like also the drums.
-For Amanda they have been doing 3 prototypes.
-He says this is the first time when he makes a kind of advert to his friends about the video like ‘Hei, would you like to watch the video?”
-There is a plan to continue this video.
-He enjoyed the shooting for the promo pictures saying this time was different than with the band members because then only he had to be shirtless and the rest of the band with shirts and made him annoyed.

Thanks to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum for linking the videos.


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