YleX Interview with Lauri about his performance

Photo by voice.fi

Here is an interview made with Lauri after his performance where he comments it and several other things.

Known from The Rasmus, Lauri Ylönen took off his solo career when performing for the first time to the audience his Heavy song.

-It was great to do it. I was excited before the gig more than at The Rasmus gigs, Lauri confesses.

Ylönen didn’t move that much around on the stage as we could have got used before to see.

-I decided to be more ‘calm’ this time. I was concentrating on the song, the man explains.

In the future we will see more anyways.

-At the upcoming gigs comes more versatile atmosphere. There will more jamming around, the musician promises.

Lauri rated Emma Gaala.

-This gala in question is important, where I had the chance to present, otherwise there are not many genres presented, Ylönen remembers.

If the man’s own spouse isn’t counted then Laur’s eyes turn on the side of the Swedish ‘queen’.

-Maja Ivarsson is the queen of the evening if we do not count Paula. I looked at her ass, or better said the suit, Ylönen joked.

-In a few years also Finnish chicks should get dressed in something like that. In my opinion I can even imagine Paula wearing such thing, the man says.


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