Solo album releaser Lauri Ylönen: I wanted to rest from the world!

Lauri and Paula @ Linnan Juhlat

Here is a new interview/article with Lauri from IltaSanomat. You can find the translation below.

Lauri Ylönen, who releases a solo album New World at the end of March, admits that superficial life doesn’t interest him anymore.

-During the last years I pretty much like wanted a little peace in my life. Already for a few years I wanted to end this superficial life style, he said.

-When I turned 30 something good happened to me. A new momentum came into my life.

In the lyrics of the frontman of The Rasmus there are such hard reflection topics like freedom of speech.

-I ’went’ much deeper than in the past. From these lyrics is missing the anxiety of the young man, Lauri adds.

Lauri belongs to the first class Finnish musicians, and he has found his peace of mind in own life.

-I look at the world with clearer eyes now, and also with a clearer mind. This was a very great winter from a lot of points. I can say that I am a quite happy man, Lauri admits.

-I like to walk on the ice in Jollas, where we live. It’s great both with the family and also alone. We also have a house in the city and we live in both of our homes, Lauri mentions when speaking about the living part of his family.

On Saturday Lauri performs at EMMA Gaala giving surprises from his solo album.

-I made this whole new kind of music, which in secret I have been a fan of. On the album can be found different types of machine-music, Lauri reveals.
-I’m a little tired of the rock attitude, which quite stiffed myself. Rock is not always as rebellious as it promises. To rock came some rules. It’s quite sissy, Lauri says.

Lauri thinks that the new songs are better than most of The Rasmus’ hits.

-Yes I think that these songs are better, Lauri thinks.




One comment on “Solo album releaser Lauri Ylönen: I wanted to rest from the world!”

  1. I wanna know why Lauri things that new songs are better than hits of TR.But new it’s not always is are better!”Heavy” is good song whit beautiful lyric/ but she’s other.Lauri, back in Rock’s style!!!!

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