Lauri’s song already could be heard, live debut 26.02

There is an interview/article with Lauri in the new Soundi, of which a part of it you can read here. Below you can find the translation of the article linked. Thank you to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum for posting it.

The Rasmus’ world break success reached solist Lauri Ylönen’s first single ‘Heavy’ can be listened here. New World is released on 30.03.

-Solo work gave me a small band and home-like fresh feeling. I myself have designed the cover of the album, did the planning of the video and designed the stage scenery, almost everything. No one was there to give ideas. The Rasmus’ demo songs had to be sent to the record label for them to comment that from the lyrics you have to take off the word-pair ‘sick family’. Ahaa, why? Because it’s not a good thing. Now I give them a fucking sick family, figuratively meaning. I didn’t mean anything to be craze about, but some of these are just forbidden, and which by now became very much. And now starting to have enough of them, Lauri said to Soundi.

-It was me who rebelled so much around The Rasmus against machine-music. At least I remember my own opinion stuff about it. There was a lot of control thing to do from the behalf of the band. Like why for a guy had to invent for us out visual image, when we ourselves can design the whole thing.

Lauri Ylönen and his live-band will make a debut appearance at the EMMA Gaala on Saturday, 26th February.

-The live feeling idea came from Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and Prodigy. Those black silhuettes start the gig and then they disappear. Screens and lasers come along too, even though the idea is that the stage stuff has to work just as good in a small club like Semifinali just at a festival like Ruisrock, Ylönen smileys.

Read the whole interview in the new Soundi!




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  1. Hei ihan totta… Jos kerran julkaisee jutun englanniksi niin voisi edes vaivautua lukemaan läpi että millasta shaibaa se google translator syöksee… Löytyyköhän tuosta jutusta nyt ainuttakaan englannin kieliopin mukaista lausetta?

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