Lauri Ylönen about disliking the old ladies

Stillshoot from Heavy Video

Here is an interview in Swedish from Yle X3M with Lauri. Translation has been made with Google Translate, so if any swedish person could provide better translation please send it to us :).

The Rasmus -singer Lauri Ylönen is having poor experiences with old ladies, he tells to X3M.

– Although I tried to be friendly with older people I still get nasty attack from the old ladies – especially when I lived in an apartment building in downtown of Helsinki. Maybe they were afraid of how I looked like, said Lauri.

– I always say that everyone should have respect for elderls, but sometimes it could be some other way too. Many of them are very bitter, he says.

He especially remembers the attack of one scary lady.

– Pauli , guitarist of The Rasmus, came home from Singapore and had probably been a bit to tanned. An old lady shouted at him: “Go home, WOG!”

Lauri Ylönen will play in premiere his new single Heavy in front of angry old ladies and others at Emma-Gala on Saturday. The Gala can be followed live on TV2, starting at 20:10.

Lauri said that some think he sounds like the Pet Shop Boys . As large PSB fan, I agree in part with those… certain sounds, the beat and the bass are a little British pop style.

We have to wait for the entire song a few more days, and the solo album will be out on 30 March.


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