Lauri: “I’m like who woke up from a coma!”

Heavy cover

Thank you to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum for pointing out this article about Lauri posted by

The Rasmus’ frontman Lauri Ylönen releases at the end of March his first solo album. The singer is enthusiastic about the feeling he has for the solo career.

-Pieces started to fell into their places when I had two different things to do. I was wondering why I didn’t started a solo career already before. I’m like who woke up from a coma, Ylönen describes.

Lauri admitted that it wasn’t easy to tell to his band mates about his decision of starting a solo career.

-It was a little hard, because I didn’t knew how the guys would react. When i was decided that I do this way I told everyone through phone now that almost everyone lives in other countries, Lauri tells.

However Ylönen assures that his solo career doesn’t specifically affects The Rasmus. The band will start working on the new album during the upcoming summer.



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