Lauri @ YleX Aamu [23.02]

Lauri @ YleX in '99 and now

As you all know today Lauri has been a guest at YleX Radio in their morning show. You can listen to the whole interview here, and below you can find what shortly he has been talking about.

The album is more like machine-music at which you can dance, here the presentator mentiones he’d be Lauri-Gaga; that some people commented on the Heavy snippet as it would be some kind of a Pet Shop Boys style but actually he made it on the base of Daft Punk style; he told the story that has also been posted on his website ( about how Heavy lyrics were born; he thinks that the best song he has ever done so far is Heavy; they had trainings of the songs from ‘New World’ but they went quite like ‘shit’; the album ‘New World’ was done together with two of his old friends from high school and most probably they will help him out live too on the stage; he thinks he is kind of amateur yet in the field of pop music but he likes to try things; when asked about why did he decided to make this solo disc he said that because he is now a 30-something man and he also wanted to try something new and because they have been with The Rasmus for 17 years now and he wanted to do also something new now and thinks of it as a second chance to his life; he’s not the main character of the Heavy video; he was asked what does he eat that he manages to keep that fit and in good condition (they looked at the promo pictures for New World on his website) and he said it’s cabbage and tabasco and olive oil that he usually eats, these were suggested to him by Jori Sjöroos; he mentioned that Eero is living in Italy and Pauli in Singapore; they are usually talking on Skype and make some The Rasmus songs but they will start working hard on it later this year;  he was asked if there will be any The Rasmus concerts during the summer and he said there will be none, maybe one festival but even that is questionable; when asked about where does he keep previous EMMA Gaala prizes as they have like 9 of them, he said they have a special shelf, but not anyhow in his house, his home is not for things that belong to work and reminds him that he is a public figure (celebrity), his home being mostly as like a sanctuary (here he mentioned that when he worked with Desmond he had a huge self portrait of himself).


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