Lauri @ Metro FM [22.02]

Lauri @ Metro FM

Lauri has been a guest today morning at Metro FM Aamushow. The audio interview can be listened here.

He talked about (shortly): in his soloalbum there aren’t guitars and it will be more like techno music; he recently likes Daft Punk and they kind of inspired him; Pauli lives in Singapore and Eero is in Italy quite often ; he hasn’t been thinking of making it a featuring album because the whole thing was new and he also wanted to do everything and worked together on computer with Kwan’s Antti Eräkangas; about Rasmus’s success first with Falling having to tour also in Sweden; he does rather shelf cleaning than vacuuming or dish-washing; he doesn’t plan to be in any kind of movie just like his fiance, Paula Vesala did, just making music and such for movies as he did for Blackout; he did most of Heavy song himself concerning the video with Owe with a puppet called Amanda, but when it comes to Rasmus videos the record label always tells that they have to look sexy and what has to be in the video; that he is trying to modernize he opened a Facebook account (the laurimusic one).

Interview has been pointed out to have happened by: Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum


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  1. […] video interview with Lauri from yesterday [22.02] from Metro FM. It is the same interview as posted here, just a video version. Thank you again to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus […]

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