Lauri @ YleX Aamu on 23rd February

YleX Aamu

Big thanks to Oana for pointing out the news that Lauri will be guest at the morning show at the Yle Radio, YleX Aamu, Wednesday 23rd of February.

Hopefully with this visit we will find out more information about his new upcoming solo album.

The video for ‘Heavy’ video was cut and FX Shoots were made, as Owe stated in his status messages on Facebook, so we are pretty much like looking forward for the day when we can also see the video.


2 comments on “Lauri @ YleX Aamu on 23rd February”

  1. hi. i have some questions, who is lauri’s girlfriend? trish or paula? who is trish? does he live with paula?please answere me.thanks for your nice site

    • first of all:
      1. we have no contact with the band and hence have no SECURE source about what you have asked.
      2. as far as it is public thing, informations lead to the fact that Lauri’s girlfriend is Paula Vesala, singer of Finnish duo PMMP.
      3. i have no idea who is Trish, that was a rumor started by a fan, and has absolutely no truth in it.
      4. i don’t know if they live together or not, but i guess they do since they have a child together, to take of.

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