“Rocking with a lizard in Obbola”-Interview with Lauri

Lauri & Magnus

Big thanks to Oana for finding this article, with an interview made with Lauri on the day when they made the video for his first upcoming solo single. Translation below was made with Babylon and Google Translate.

Outside wines the snow, inside the house the people and Lauri Ylönen are in the middle of a groovy set of design and feel comfortable. The Rasmus’ singer goes solo and chose Village Road Film to make a rock video for his first single.
-We’re building a secret here, laughs Lauri.

Lauri commands a coffee and starts to tell. The premiere of the first song, Heavy is on 25th February at the Finland’s equivalent of the German Grammy Gala Awards. Until then, everything is very much in secret. Lauri has written the music and the lyrics for the album that is coming in March. The story of the video was created together with Owe Lingvall and Peter Hultman. Lauri likes to work very much with Mr. Village Road, Owe Lingvall.
-We have made two videos with him earlier and I have been pleased, we have the same taste and we like to improvise.

Lauri seems to smirk as he sits with a cinnamon bun in his hand, dressed in leather pants, black shirt with an asymmetrical neckline and with feathers in his hair.
-We have built a camp here, we can say so, we have the whole house for ourselves. I live in the apartment upstairs, it’s filled with a lot of very old stuff. When we film, we smoke and we go to our ‘shack’- that it’s like another world. We’ve hardly been outside in the past several days.

They borrowed ‘inhabitants’ from the Tropicarium, a lizard, cockroaches and also a centipede that is in the corner.
-I have named the lizard Magnus, but I do not really like him, said Lauri and urged the photographer for the picture.

The Rasmus is one of Finland’s greatest musical export of all time, and The Rasmus remains to Lauri the most important thing, but there is music that did not fit in the style of the band.
-There are so many ideas I had to put aside because they didn’t fit into The Rasmus style, but this way is fine! The music is different, more sweeping and electronic. I produce the album myself and release it through own record label, Dynasty Recordings. I do not mind to have control, Lauri says happily.

He did not believe that this would be felt again.
-Sometimes successful ties loosen the grip a little when others start to decide to do their own things, but I have taken back the initiative. It feels like starting everything from the beginning-wonderful!


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