Facebook Updates from Aki

Driving is scary!

Lately the guys, at least Aki is doing more like status updates on their new Facebook page, rather than posting pictures. From these messages we have found out that they have been visiting together with Lauri (this info we got from YleX) Carpark North’s gig in Tavastia on 30th November.

Tavastia tonight? Maybe…

Also Aki have been doing a cover gig, at which’ rehearsal he confessed he’s gonna be missing his bandmates during the gig.

Aki: preparing for a cover gig…i think I’ll miss my bandmates on the stage.

They also sent us invitation to a picnic in the snowy park, whoever would like to join them, you can let them know in a comment under their picture posted on the Facebook page.

Picnic in the park!!! Anyone?

Picnic in the park!!! Anyone?

As we know they are not working anymore this year on their next album unfortunately. Hopefully they will start working in studio in January and we can all posses the long-waited new album by spring time, after also Lauri’s solo album will be released. Until then we have one thing to look forward to: Heavy single played in world-premier on 26th February 2011.

We’re also working on a project that might interest people living in Romania and surrounding countries, and those who would travel to see the guys. For more information check back tomorrow for a new page along where we’ll keep update on project. 🙂

Enjoy the Winter 🙂


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