Facebook Updates

This is how Finland looks today.

The guys have made some updates in the past days on the Facebook, so here they are 🙂

Aki has been doing a 30 minutes live chat on Facebook, and here are the things that he has told us 🙂 …also he enjoyed it so promised that he will randomly do it sometimes, so we should watch out for it.
Doing good thanks!
We’ll come to England on tour with the new album of course
working on it! Some songs are ready, and we need to do some more
we don’t have any date for the new album, we’ll release it when it’s ready!
Lauri will release a solo album before the new TheRasmus album. It will be out in the spring.
Everyone in the band feels great at the moment. Missing touring and playing live of course!
We got snow today and in the morning my car was under the snow, took like 25 minutes to get it moving, heheheh
Jessica – I love Rome! Hope to come there soon!
Ina – vau, sulla on varmasti ollut mahtava reissu! Kiva kuulla!
Marie Van de Mergel – you can learn the basics quite fast, so you should start! And it’s great fun as well.
‎’Carmen Martínez’ – Many good memories fron Venezuela, aiai, hope to play there again, if not maybe you can find me on isla de margaritas, or what was the name…
Cora, i think I’ll come to EMMA gaala too, See you there OK?
We’ll post you some more fotos on this page. Maybe you would like to see some snow?
we won’t be in the studio until next year…
Giulianna Nöely – We LOVE B.A.!!
Brenn Rasmusera – Tilipitappi tippitappi…difficult? It’s from a Xmas song.
Anna Nawrocka- I remember Lublin quite well. Poland is great, we have quite many fans over there, VERY loyal fans. Greetings!
Mari – Röllihän se, hehehe.
Natalja Nedveckaja – i like Bowling. When touring I have serious tournaments with Eero, I’m a bit better than him, YES!! hahaha
Everobody, sorry to say but i have to leave now!
I promise to chat more soon!
Take care! Bye!


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