Lauri’s Solo Album

Lauri's Solo Album will appear in March 2011

According to the Finnish media, the news about Lauri releasing a new Solo album in March 2010 has spread like fire among people.

Various media sites from Finland reported that Lauri will release a solo album next March, of which world premier pre-listening and listening of first song will take place at the EMMA Gaala on 26th February. The title of the song he will present is Heavy.

According to Lauri he just wanted to try something new, and release those songs he have written previously, but didn’t want to force on the rest of The Rasmus guys.

Articles reporting the news can be found here: ; ; ; ; ; Suosikki ; Iltalehti


2 comments on “Lauri’s Solo Album”

  1. Very nice! It’s a good idea that he release songs in a solo album, which can’t fit with The Rasmus! It’s great that he don’t throw good songs away! 🙂 And I can’t wait for the release of the albums and the single!

  2. i like the idea too.I can’t wait for the new album .The last album was excellent.

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