L’essentiel Interview with Lauri and Aki

(C) L'Essentiel

After the guys have arrived to Luxembourg for the last gig of the summer, Lauri and Aki gave an interview to the local newspaper called L’Essentiel. You can find the original article here, and translation below was made by Oana.

We are in the same situation like 15 years ago.
L’essentiel: Les Terres Rouges are one of the few festivals where you have played this summer. What have you done in the last months?
Aki: We love summer festivals, but we have participated in only a few ones this year. We wanted to focus on our new album. Most of the time we were in the studio this summer. We have recorded new songs for our fans.
L’essentiel: You record your next album without producer. Why?
Lauri: We feel that it’s better. We have our own studio in Helsinki. It is a great challenge because we are in the same situation like 15 years ago, when we started.
L’essentiel: You have no record company…
Lauri: No, the contract is over. We are looking for another label. We have several songs that are ready. If we find a label soon, the album will come out in spring.
L’essentiel: Can you please share some details already?
Lauri: The album is more electronic than the previous one. We have also worked on the lyrics. There will be more topics that invite our fans to think. A song was born after my meeting with a taxi driver in Singapore for example. I told him I was a Finnish musician. And he envied the freedom of speech that exists among us. I never thought about that before. He spoke of Singapore, has compared him to a beautiful bird locked in a gilded cage who needs for freedom. He asked me to write a song about the situation in Singapore, which I did.


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