Lauri interview [VIP magazine, Romania]

Lauri (C) VIP

Thanks to Oana for finding this interview made with Lauri at the Peninsula festival, and also thank you for the translation for her.

I:What’s your bigger quality?What about your defect?
L:Quality:I have a lot of ideas.Defect’s:Lot’s of this idea’s are stupid and they get lost.

I:How does your family look?
L:My parents,my bigger sister,girlfriend and my 2 year old son.

I:When was your first contact with the music?
L:When I was force to play at the at 5.I hate it.But now I am grateful to my parents.

I:What was the things that you love to do when you were a child?
L:Skateboard,painting and fishing.

I:What were you afraid in the childhood?What about in the present?

I:Who is your best friend and why?
L:My son,Julius Kristian.We are both at the same level.He is maybe more wiser then me.

I:What is the thing that you will like to share with the world about you?
L:I am selling my both .

I:What make you happy in present?
L:That I eat apples from my tree.

I:What is your biggest fear?
L:Do die young.

I:What would you change about you if you could?
L:To stop thinking rational.

I:What you wish more then ever?
L:To finish this album.

I:What was the first things that you learn from the band The Rasmus?
L:People are so different…

I:What make the stage so attractive to you?
L:Addicted to adrenaline

I:You have a son,you know how it is to love a woman…How the family get use to your job?
L:It is easy,but you try hard.

I:Sing “I’ve been searching/I’ve been waiting/In the shadows”,who inspired you to come up with this lyrics?

I:Your last album Black Roses,as a composer when,where did you “pick” this “black roses”?
L:A while ago,it was night,when me and Pauli drink ouzo in Greece.


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