Peninsula/Félsziget Festival [RO]

Lauri @ Immortal

Hei there, we are back from the festival and ready to tell you this and that about how it was there. A whole reviews of the festival and the gig of the guys together with the meet and great review can be found on my personal blog by clicking here. There is also a link available to my pictures and videos. Please if you would like to use them ask first, you know where you can contact me! Believe me i give permission i just like to know where my pictures go.

Besides that there is an article/interview made at the press conference here of which translation you can find below (made by me). The whole Romanian press is filled with articles but they all tell the same thing in another context.

Frontman of The Rasmus would like to get back his stolen sunglasses from 2006
At the latest gig at Peninsula there were 15.000 fans, and this year they would like to have more. And the new album is going to be done as well.
The 16 years on the road The Rasmus celebrated with style their anniversary last year with a released album at the end of the year which contained hits born after 2001. And they had where to chose from: the Finnish guys have changed a lot of times the charts of the continent. In 2006 there were 15.000 people singing In The Shadows with them at the Peninsula. For this year they have higher expectations. After the band has met with their fans we had a small chat with them.

What are your expectations of this gig?
The last time the Peninsula gig was one of the best gigs of the summer, but this time we would like to be better, we have very high expectations. And i would love to find that fan that has stolen my sunglasses, this year i would like to get it back. We always had great gigs in Romania, so we would like to come back very much.

How do you like the Peninsula festival?
We already met a few of our fans, who were very sympatic. We like the romanian people because they are honest. You can see on one’s face what do they think, do they like you or not. Finnish are similar, except you can’t read anything from their faces, but they say very openly their opinion.

What about the new album?
We are working on it, we are everyday in our studio in Helsinki. We wouldn’t like to reveal too much about it, it will be a bit different than the previous ones, hopefully will be ready by spring.

Will we hear some new song tonight?
From the new album no, but we’ll play all historical songs from the previous ones.

What does the tattoo on your arm mean?
It’s the symbol of the Dynasty Recordings, two of us has the same tattoo: it’s the name of a brand that can easily be recognized by the others as well.

Your style gets older together with the fans, or you’re trying to get in touch with the youth as well?
We have fans that are loyal for years long, and we are very happy about them. When making the new album we tried to pay attention what the fans want and what feedback we had gotten. This way we are trying to make something new with this album. I think everyone will be very surprised when it will be released, maybe we too.

What do you think about free music download?
I don’t really know how does it all work, but i think it’s useful that you can listen to any song easily. YouTube is like that, isn’t it? I’m more like old-fashioned, i like to listen to music from disk.

What gigs would you visit from the program of this Peninsula?
Europe, we would love to meet with them. And Korn would also be interesting. But unfortunately none of them will be tonight and we have to go further. Maybe we would watch Gorillaz, would have a chance for that cause they play tonight.

More picture galleries are available at the following sites: Peninsula; Peninsula Flickr -meet&greet and press conference pictures; Metalhead; Metropotam; CityNews; 100 Eyes; PartyTude; Rockoteca;
As soon as we find more pictures, we will update this post so check back 😉

And here some pictures the guys uploaded from the festival.

I'm feeling so old...

Hungary is funny

Wonderful gig in Tirgu Mures! Thanks!

Varovasti sen kanssa...

Welcome to Romania, we witness a bear and enjoy breakfast

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