Lithuanian interview with Pauli

Pauli @ Juvenalia, Lublin Poland

Here is an interview with Pauli from a Lithuanian magazine. Translation was made by rasme, from the International The Rasmus Forum.

J- A few years ago, in an interview with our local TV channel ‘Tango TV, you said that you do not know much about Lithuania. Except for the fact that there are good basketball players and the guy flying under the bridge. Maybe expanded knowledge?
P- Ha, not really expanded, but we are going to find out more! Really!
J- Have you tasted Lithuanian national food Cepelinai?
P- Oiii, we are going to try it. We live in a very good time: we have the Internet, “Wikipedia”, so I had to read about the dish (giggle).
J- How long you’re going to be in Lithuania?
P- We plan to stay in Lithuania for two days. Have no idea what we will do there. Maybe we will meet nice people with whom we’ll have a good time? Maybe they will show us something interesting …
J- Have you seen, what are the differences between Lithuanian and Finnish?
P- I do not know, maybe we are similiar? Lithuanians also like alcohol, haha.
J- Famous people, before giving the interview, warns that in certain subjects will not speak. For example, on a personal life. You haven’t done so. You do not have any taboos?
P- i don’t have any! You can ask anything you want.
J- But how many have seen the interview with “The Rasmus” You look the most shy and quietest of the group …
P- You know, the Finnish mentality. We do not have the habit of talking much, or so-so to speak, is about simple or silly things. To answer the questions briefly and clearly. This is normal behavior in Finnish, but maybe it looks odd for the others.
J- Members of the group together ever since adolescence.Never had fight for some silly thing?
P- Yes, the bars almost every day! Usually it is anger on the trifle – something someone did not like and so on. But never allowed anger to grow into the fights. After all, we should keep together.
J- You started from skate funk music. What is it?
P- Oh, and since then tried many different musical styles. Meanwhile, skate funk was something like “Red Hot Chili Peppers music (laughs).
J- This year, plan to release album?
P- Yes. It will be very interesting. At least for us as it seems. We are full of enthusiasm, and it’s good! It is difficult to describe in words what this album will be. You’ll have to listen to themselves.
J- What would be your dream concert? Or maybe he already has?
P- Mm, I wonder … (Long-think.) Maybe it was our last tour? Then we had grandiose concert. Well remember the concert in Mexico City, where nearly 10,000 people. Great feeling when so many people coming in a distant country, and come in to listen to you
J- And perhaps reveal how the show will be in Lithuania?
P- Obviously, it’s mystery. I can say that you will hear songs from each album. It will be very different and unexpected show. All the members of The Rasmus can’t wait to come to Lithuania to see how there will be going. I hope that your summer this year, such as beautiful and hot, like ours, as we are going to have fun. See you in the festival!

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