Interviews in Lithuania with Lauri and Eero

Here is an interview that has been made in Lithuania with Eero and Lauri before their gig at Baltic Beach Party.
The first one was made with Eero and the original of the article can be found on this site. Interview with Lauri can be found in original here. Translation was made by BrokenHeart666 and rasme from the International The Rasmus Forum.

On august 13th in Trakai will blast „Tuborg Green Rock Castle“ festival. In this festival will perform melodic band from Finland The Rasmus. These four guys will share the stage with lithuanians Žas and Bix and their friends from their home country Apocalyptica.
In this exclusive interview bassist of the band Eero Aleksi Heinonen (30) revealed what memories about Lithuania remained The Rasmus after their visit here in 2004, what crazy fans have done to them and why these finnish guys put their black closes to the closet.
(J)- On August 13th you will be performing in Lithuania. What should audience expect? Will you perform your best songs?
(E) – Audience should expect great rock music performance. In this festival we will play for 60 – 70 mintues and we will perform songs that everybody knows. I hope we`ll have a great time.
(J) – You will perform in the same festival with Apocalyptica. You`ve worked with them before. Do you get along with them?
(E) – WE get along really well. Actually we could work something out together since we are great friends and we love to spend time with them.
(J) – Maybe in „Tuborg Green Rock Castle“ you will perform a song together?
(E) – I don`t know. Maybe spontaneous we will make something
(J) – You will perform in Lithuania for second time. What impressions do you have about Lithuania after being here in 2004?
(E) – If I remember good we played in Vilnius last time. We had a great gig, there was a huge crowd, people were happy and enjoyed our music. I have been in Klaipėda with couple of my friends. It`s a very nice seaside city.
(J) – In one interview you mentioned you like to observe audience while performing. What do you think about lithuanian audience?
(E) – Lithuanian audience was pretty wild and we loved that. They had that energy that we need during our gigs. Lithuanians are really open-hearted, lovely and warm people. I love to spend time with them. Couple of my good friends live in Vilnius (capital of Lithuania).
(J) – Which country met your the best, warmest?
(E) – We had a lot of great gigs in other countries. I remember great and warm gigs in Mexico, Argentina, Germany, also a Baltic region countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. We also had amazing gigs in Russia, India.
(J) – Lithuanians love to say that here live the most beautiful girls.What does finnish say about their own girls?
(E) – Yes, Lithuania has very beautiful girls, maybe even the most beautiful in the world, but Finland has very beautiful girls too   .
(J) – What are the future plans gor your band? Will you have any big gigs?
(E) – I don`t will it be big but we will perform in some festivals in Hungary,Luxembourg and maybe in Romania. It`s fun to have some gigs in summer. We don`t have a lot of gigs this summer, but when we`ll realease new CD we will have a big tour in Europe and maybe Baltic region countries.
(J) – You will release your new album soon. What will it be like?
(E) – We plan to release the album next year in spring 2011. We already have some songs but we want to be sure that these songs are good enough for the album. We want to make a strong 10 – 11 songs album. Also at this time we are making video for the song which will be a first single from the new album.
(J) – You created the song “October and April” together with Nightwish lead singer Anette Olzon. This is some kind of ballad. Maybe your band will start to create more ballads?
(E) – Couple of songs from the upcoming album will be ballads. Other songs will be realistic but I`m sure listeners will like it.
(J) – People say that a lot of finnish people wear dark clothes and create/sing only sad songs? Is it true?
(E) – At this time to wear dark clothes in Finland is imposible.It`s very hot here – sometimes temperature is 32 . We wear light summer clothes. And music? In our country emotional, melancholic and sometimes sad music is usual, but I don`t think finnish people have depression. I think we know how to enjoy melancholic moments.
(J) – How do you react when people compare yout o “Tokio hotel”? They even say that this band is little “The rasmus”.
(E) – I don`t know many songs oh tokio hotel but their song monsoon is really great. I`ve heard this band is kind of fenomenal. I also heard their song that sounds like our song that we created back in 2003.
(J) – There is a roumor in the internet that the producer forced Lauri to smoke that he would have a rough voice. Is it true?
(E) – In our CD Dead letters are couple of songs that producer let to record just afer Lauri smoked. He used to say ” Go smoke a cigarette and then recors a song.” Nowdays Lauri doesn`t smoke at all and lives healthy live.
(J) – Do any of you collect underwear that fangirls throw to stage for you?
(E) –   At this time band members don`t drink alcohol and girls… We have a lot of atention from girls but I don`t know do or don`t guys collect underwear. Ireally dont. Lauri gets a lot of underwear – he is very popular between the girls.
(J) – Does your band have like craaazy fans? What is the funniest or craziest thing you can remember happened wtih the fan?
(E) – Yeah, we have coulorful personalities between our fans and sometimes we meet weird peoples. Once a women with a baby on her hands came to us and asked Lauri does he remember her and why he doesn`t taking care of his child. We saw that lady for the first time!   It was a little bit scary. Other more pleasent memory is when girls from Hungary gave me the book about the town they live in. They made that book by themselfs and put pictures of them. It was pleasure to read it.
(J) – thank you for the interview!
J- The Finnish band “Apocalyptica”, which is also playing in Trakai, you have recorded a couple of songs.
can we expect that you will sing together in Lithuania?
L- I do not know, we have done it only once. Song “Bittersweet”, which sounds the group HIM singer Ville Valo’s voice, with “Apocalyptica” played at charity concert for the victims of the tsunami in Asia to support.
I will call the “Apocalyptica” boys and talk – so far no promise.
J- How are you doing in creating new songs?
L- Midway to create a new album, releasing it next year.This time, we do everything slowly, no commitments, contracts with publishers.Recently, we assisted the famous American songwriter, but this time we do it by ourselves.We have studio in Helsinki, we had buy strange instruments, we feel like children, with toys. By the way, our style will change,it will be more electronic music.
J- One of your big ambitions have become famous in the U.S.. How are you doing?
L- Not particularly well. There, sold about 150 thousand, The Rasmus’ record – according to American standards low.we learn how to appreciate on the fact that we have fans from Spain to Siberia – perhaps we become more mature.For egsample, I think that our first concert in Lithuania was awesome.
then we were less concerned about that,but then there was full stadium of people,who knew our songs lyrics.It’s – incredibly well.
J- Guitarist Pauli Rantasalmi moved to Singapore. Why?
L- His wife is from singapore.Half-year he lives there, half a year – in Finland, so there is no problem with the group.I have already double-visited Singapore, where he has a recording studio.Travelling in a completely different part of the world – a good source of inspiration for me.I remember talking with a taxi driver in Singapore and he is jelous for me, because in Finland we are happy to having freedom of expression.Sometimes it is difficult to understand that in Singapore it is not – there so many prohibitions, regulations, reminds the prison across the country.Country – beautiful, but its people – like birds in a golden cage. I have a song written about that.
J- Every year more and more rock artists involved Eurovision. Finland has won only once, because of rockers Lordi. Maybe now – your turn to try?
L- I don’t think so. I look at the competition, it looks quite hilarious.But for me there – too much commerce. Our group had started a career in the rehearsal in the basement and never looked for easy way to get popular, this contest would not be appropriate.
J- you have two-year-old son Julius Christian, all the other “The Rasmus’ members also created a family, have kids. is it don’t make the band ”the second thing”?
L- No, I just learned how to better plan the time. Yesterday all were resting – my and my son went to an amusement park.when i spend time with my family, i do not care about the music. Son, by the way, likes ‘The Rasmus’ songs. When I’m shown on TV, it seems most natural thing in the world to Julius.
J- When you play for the first time in Vilnius, youattract a crowd of teenagers. Do you still play for the girls with black clothes and the feathers in their hair?
L- I think our audience has grown up. And these days, teenagers have the new idols and they don’t even remember us. This is normal.There are groups that are trying to still attract teens, although its members – 40 years. On the other hand, to be interesting for students – not so simple, so you do not have to laugh.
J- The Rasmus’ big time success brough you mounts of money.How do you like to spend them?
L- Sometimes – very stupid. Recently I went to the service center to replace a car tire. I saw another beautiful car and catch fire as a kid. so I bought it. Completely impulsive gesture. Returning home I was ashamed. It was the most expensive tires of my life. Well, at least the car is very green – I can only justify.maybe I act this way because I grew up in a poor family. Maybe I lacked toy cars so now i buy real one.
J- You have not completed high school – when it came time for exams, you already sang in “The Rasmus”. Because of that doesn’t you had headache?
L-Just a week ago I thought about it. It is true that I am uneducated. I hope to become an architect. Already two years ago I read books about this profession.Thought that the architecture will not be able to study because not Baccalaureate. But recently I heard that this is possible – is an open university, who will be without this document.When the end for The Rasmus will come, i will to study for that profesion.Maybe when I will be 45-years old.
J- The Rasmus’ has been around for 17 years – from when you were only fourteen. Getting tired of each other?
L- No, because we are like brothers. Ten hours of play in the studio, and then going to my house to frie the sausages – is our typical day.
However,we lost contact with many our friends in Finland. 200 days a year, you’re on tour, and can not be otherwise, because of that,it’s a little sad.
J- when you were first time in Vilnius,we had to tuck you out from the strip club,so you won’t be late to the plane.Now you have a different way of life?
L- Strip clubs are still loved. But i don’t use alcohol for a year, although previously it has been my greatest pleasure.And, indeed, we live happier than when we drinked without stopping.
J- what made you to stop?
L- I thought that the alcohol took over an important place in my lifetime. All the time I felt tired, depressed and angry. Alcohol problems have made me the man I could not manage to perform simple work.
now i feel full of energy,the songs are pouring of me, i think, i waste so much time very crazily.

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