Update on the past 2 weeks

I have a free day now so thought to update a bit the site. Unfortunately we are having some problems with logging in to our Facebook Account but i will try and sort it out as soon as possible.

Unfortunately there aren’t official picture from the Tuuri gig from Miljoonarock, but you can check out the UnReal The Rasmus News site here, for pictures taken by the admins of the site. Videos can be found on YouTube. 🙂

Tuborg Green Rock Castle gig tickets can be found here. Thanks to the guys for the link 😆

Latvia gig has more to offer to us. There is an interview with Lauri right here, where he tells about the gig they are going to do and about the upcoming album that will be released NEXT YEAR. Pictures from the festival can be found on this site and on this one.

Now the Facebook Updates from the guys. They have posted 4 pictures so here they come:


Finnish summer!!! Gig@miljoonarock starts 01:30, huh...


We are liepaja


3 comments on “Update on the past 2 weeks”

  1. I had almost no time to ask you, but how was your study in Finland? 🙂

    • thanks for the question. it was really great and i had so much fun there.
      if you are curious about more you can email me and i can tell you some things 🙂 you can find my email address on the right side in the About/Contact section 🙂

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