By: Ghost of Love

Jul 02 2010

Category: Daily Facebook Uploads

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Sorry everyone for not posting up anything from the guys’ Facebook, but i just finished up with my exams and moving and such, so now i will have more time for the site in the upcoming 3 weeks, and then we’ll have a 3 week pause due to my language course in Finland.

But until then here are the pictures posted up by the guys during the last weeks that we have missed posting up here. Meanwhile they have also reached 10.000 fans on their page and now are heading to the 11.000 proposed a month or so ago.

Bass effects by Erkkilä

Sky is beautiful

Swiss magnets on our fridge

2 fans i met outside

This looks so English



We are in this cute little festival doing soundcheck..

Tää on semmonen muovinen telttabäkkäri. Mut ihan jees

Our featuring star in yesterday's concert

Akis new motorcycle, NOT! hehehehehe


Another drum recording day...just ordered a new kit, need to wait 5 months to get it...How are you today?


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