Sataman Yö, Jyväskylä

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Saturday had The Rasmus their second gig of this summer where they have played some new-old songs much to the happiness of the fans. One of the songs was Keep Your Heart Broken that hasn’t been heard for a long time live. They also played Rakkauslaulu, this time with a guy on the stage for the sake of the change.

For pictures made by fans check out the guy’s Facebook profile, FanPhotos section, and for videos of the gig just type in YouTube ‘the rasmus sataman yo’ and enjoy the recordings.

There are also rumors about another gig for August in Latvia for Tuborg Green Fest, but we shall wait for a confirmation from the guys for this as well as for the hungarian SZIN Festival yet is waiting for an official confirmation. (Thanks for the info to Oana.)


2 comments on “Sataman Yö, Jyväskylä”

  1. Kiitos for the info!!! 😀

  2. They played on my birthday! June 19th! 😀
    That’s very cool! But unfortunate I couldn’t be there, because I live in Holland….:(

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