Daily Facebook -18.05 and Happy NameDay to Eero!

The guys have also been giving us some information of what they are doing at the moment besides the daily photos they usually upload. You can read the status update below.

We are in the studio, Aki is getting the swing right to this beat. They are discussing if the snare is correct one for this beat.. I’m just lying on the sofa and reading Hesse’s Siddharta. The day is beautiful, it’s sunny out there. We call this song “appa” right now. Thanks for all your kind attention for our adventures!

And here are the pictures they have posted (so far), letting us know how much they like plants :D.

Good morning plants, it's spring time here

Recording drums with stripped down kit



Pauli recording The drums

This is my chai making heaven, chai keeps us happy here

Whos hand?

Drums done, Eero on Keys

Last but not at least, we would like to wish very happy Name Day to Eero…so HYVÄÄ NIMIPÄIVÄ EEROLLE!


One comment on “Daily Facebook -18.05 and Happy NameDay to Eero!”

  1. Yeah, They like plants! 😀
    A very happy Name Day to Eero!

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