Our First Birthday

Our First Birthday

One can not even realize how time passes by and we are now one year old. I guess it would be about time to learn to talk and to walk, and eat alone :D. Well, just to make you feel better the talking is ok for us as you can see, we can also walk already so we can go and see the guys for you once in a while, and eating, well feeding goes fine too: we feed you with the best of The Rasmus news.

With this occasion, we would like to thank everyone for the support shown in the past 12 months, to everyone for coming here and using our site as a source about the Finnish qvartett. We would also like to thank to ALL members of PMMP and The Rasmus Forum for being of such a great help with the information provided and for all the support shown.

Hyvää synttäriä!

During the past one year we had more than 38.000 views, and almost 300 friends on our Facebook page. Also a big KIITOS for that. Hopefully we can see more of people around there too.

Last but not at least hopefully there will be more around The Rasmus in the upcoming few months while they are in the studi, than in the past one month, and we can always come up and offer you the latest about them 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone, we’ll be back as soon as the guys give a sign of life 😀


4 comments on “Our First Birthday”

  1. Hi!

    Happy first birthday! I like this site very much and you always doing your best with The Rasmus News and more! This site is always the first site that I look when I’m at my computer, see if there’s a new The Rasmus news an just because I like this site! Keep going like that and I wish you a nice and happy day!

    xxx Marley

  2. Congratulations!
    I hope Ghostoflove continue for many more years
    I’m always informed thanks to you!

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