Juwenalia 2010: The Rasmus already in Lublin [article from mmlublin.pl]

The Rasmus Press Conference, Lublin

Here is an article from the press conference the guys had this afternoon in Lublin. The article has a few pictures as well (click on the one picture and then you can click on next and see the 5-6 pictures) and a video (also embedded at the end of the post) featured. The translation of article can be found below, translation made with Google Translate.

Musicians from The Rasmus came to Lublin. Visited the city, the evening will give a concert at the beginning of students’ festival in 2010. See interview with the band.

Rasmus could spare some time for a meeting with journalists before the concert. They came to Lublin on Wednesday and already had the opportunity to explore the city.

– It was really beautiful, we saw a lot of pretty buildings, beautiful architecture – said Lauri Ylönen, lead singer of The Rasmus. Musicians have also seen the place where the evening will play for the students of Lublin. – It’s a great place to live – Lauri stressed.

Musicians also inquired with curiosity about Lublin delicacies. Interested in their dumplings and cebularze. Lead singer of The Rasmus acknowledged that knows no Polish teams, but the team liked the bassist Polish song on the soundtrack for the movie “The Island of secrets” by Martin Scorsese.

Musicians promised that today lublin hear songs from all the albums the group. The team is preparing well for us something special.

– We have in the repertoire of such material, we have not played for many years. And today it will play – he explained Eero Heinonen, bassist of The Rasmus.

When asked how they warm up the audience in wet weather, they replied with a smile: – benefit of all umbrellas – Eero Heinonen joked. – In addition, people look sexy when they are wet – added Lauri.

Musicians do not exclude that after the concert at Castle Square will be handing out autographs to fans, and spend leisure time in one of Lublin pubs.

The Rasmus will play at the start of Days Student Culture in Lublin. Before a foreign star, the teams will play the Castle Square Gap-Year, SKAY, and Hurt. The event starts at. 18th Rasmus will begin his concert at approx. 21st

Before Lublin utters the sound of music, the streets will go a colorful parade of students.

Welcome to yet czwatek www.mmlublin.pl the relationship photo and video of the procession of students and Rasmus concert in Lublin!

And here is a new video from Eero’s YouTube page from the press conference.


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