Black Roses Community Interview with Lauri

The long promised and waited interview with Lauri from last November, made in Berlin by the admins of the Black Roses Community have been published on the website. You can read it below. Thank you for Larka for posting it. 🙂

Maybe it sounds like an excuse, but…do you know Murphy’s Law?

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

That perfectly describes why it has taken so long to show you the interview with Lauri from November.

First it came totally out of the blue when we were asked if we could do an interview with Lauri. I just started a new job and did a lot overtime (I still do) and Larka had a very rough term in university (and still has). But we managed it somehow and it was very nice. But unfortunately my digital voice recorder broke down just in time and we had to switch to an older voice recorder with a normal cassette. Not a good choice because the sound quality sucked, but we reconized it too late (after the interview). Then there has been the problem, that we didn’t have much time because of job and university and even when there was a little time, it was very hard to understand anything. Next problems: flu season, christmas, exams, broken computers… and so on. Murphy’s law.

In the end we had such a bad conscience that we kinda didn’t dare to come online anymore… we apologies for that. It won’t ever happen anymore, I promise! And please don’t be too mad at us… we are mad at us enough.

But now about the interview: there where so many questions and of course we couldn’t take them all. We tried to connect the questions somehow because the experience shows, that it can produce better answers so we had to change the formulations a little bit. We hope you don’t mind.

We want to thank all of you who send us questions. We’ve chosen questions from TheRasmusBaby, SuperRasmusNinja, AkisKleiner Engel, Ralu, OneBlackRose, Musta Varjo, PaulinaPisarek, Ghost_Of_Love, Betty_Lintu, jhonboy, Elibet and some questions that were asked several times. If your question was asked but you aren’t on this list, tell me or Larka and we complete it.


Q: After so many years and record labels, how do you feel about making an album. Is it difficult or do you think now…

L: Well, we already started. We started to record new songs last Monday.

Q: Really? In your own studio?

L: Yeah. It is a totally different thing than with the last album for example ‘cause with the last album we had a world famous producer, big studios, a lot money and a contract involved. But now, we don’t have anything. We don’t even have a record deal! (laughs) It feels really good, you know…we’re just a band who has a very good rehearsal room right now and we can record if there’s a good idea. It feels very fresh and real. So let’s see where we can get it by ourselves. If we can make it perfect, we’ll put it out like that. If we feel like “let’s bring in like…you know, some gold finger” to tweak it a little bit then we do that. It’s kind of like step by step now.

Q: So you don’t have anything in mind with any company?

L: No, everything’s open but it feels good…kind of like jamming the ideas without too much pressure.

Q: Do you think that it could be something totally different without pressure?

L: Well, I don’t think that we could never…nobody gave the rules how to do it. What we do…this kind of music but… there have been influences of Desmond Child for instance. You feel like you have some kind of responsibility to them and… I think we’re heading to different directions now.

Q: To the beginnings!?

L: Yeah, maybe.

Q: Have you ever thought about going back to the music style that gave you the big break in the world? Like Dead Letters? Or do you want to develop to another direction?

L: Well, right now we feel like we shouldn’t think of the style, or what we “should” do. Well, we should follow the feeling of a song. When we have a song it just started with guitar. And then like: ok, let’s think what would make this song perfect? No matter if it’s metal or pop or whatever classical arrangement. Let’s make it a good song. That’s what we feel like now.

Q: What inspires you to write lyrics and music nowadays? Has it changed since the beginning?

L: Mh…no. Well, I feel like that my lyric quality has changed. In the past the records were written to the compilation. The big melodies, the dramatic melodies… And now I feel like it would be really nice to write very small. Like this tiny little thing that wounds me somehow and write a song about it. And then put it out to the people. If they like it or not – I don’t care. But small things can be also very interesting. Even more interesting. And maybe it’s not so much full of metaphors. It’s more like just a feeling that I have. That could maybe the thing with the next album.

Q: Well, about metaphors… in living in a world without you lost this black rose. What does it mean and will you be able to get back the rose in one of the following videos? Is the story finished?

L: Oh yeah, I loved it for real. I loved to find it. But I don’t think that story will go on. I was attached to that record and that was that time.

Q: So, about October and April… where did the idea or inspiration come to write the lyrics and are there any other artists that you would like to cooperate with?

L: The lyrics idea first of all came from the melody because it sounds like a lullaby. And it’ kinda inspired by this children story in Finland. I don’t know if you have it, too? It’s about this creature that lives in the dark forest and then meets the fairy that comes from the light and they fall in love. But they are the opposites of each other and can’t have each other. So, it’s kind of a forbidden love story. And it’s kind of my inspiration of that: Taking the opposites, the one is spring and the other is the cold winter, October and April. They want each other but they can’t have it. So it’s kinda inspired by that children story.

Q: In Germany they don’t have this kind of dramatic love stories for children… only silly stuff.

L: Schnappi-schnappi-schnappi! (laughs)

Q: Are there other artists you want to collaborate with? You already had some…

L: Well, right now it’s enough for a while. We are not this kind of band that would do only that. Sometimes you get a song that feels like “wow, this could be a nice duet” and because it is so easy to make a phone call to ask “Have you fun to do it?”. It has nothing to do with the record company coming “Hey, you should do this”. It’s just about being on the fans’ level every time we’ve done a song together. Just good shit, you know! Maybe there will be some in the future, but it’s enough for this year.

Q: What about the relationships within the band? What is the secret about staying together for so long? Was there a moment when someone wanted to quit the band for good? Or a big fight or something like that?

L: Nothing that serious actually. Two guys have left the band but it seems like it’s the right four now. We are friends outside the band also. I go fishing with Eero, doing things outside the music, having dinner with the others, going partying together. It’s such a strong friendship like a brotherhood. I can’t describe it…it’s like you know how you feel about them. Sometimes I have more to do with Aki, and then I’m more close to Eero. It’s depending on various things. When the fishing thing came around I just realized that I’m more close to Eero and we do the fishing together. He calls me like 6.30 in the morning and says “Let’s go!” – “Aaalright!” (sounds tired), which is crazy and it is such a cool thing when we cook the fish together.

Q: Well, if you could be anywhere in the world right now. Where would it be and why?

L: We have never been to Australia. And New Zealand.

Q: There are many fans who requested this.

L: Yeah.

Q: And there are many fans from South America, especially Chile because of the cancelled gig.

L: Well, we are doing this school gig… it can be seen via internet.

Q: There was also a question of a girl if you plan something special for this gig? Is there anything planned like…coming on stage with a teddy bear hat or something like that?

L: I mean, we only had two own songs when we played that gig. We played some Nirvana and we played that song from a very popular teenie show. This kind of joke songs. But we haven’t planned anything yet.

Q: Any funny experience with fans because of language barrier?

L: Like misunderstanding? Well, I can’t think of something special but sometimes in fan mail…what they are writing actually means the opposite like… they try to say “I love your band” but it’s “your band sucks”.

Q: Next question is about all your kids. Would you like them to…what would you think if they want to have their own band or would like to make music?

L: Well, they would make a great band together! (laughs) Like….Eero has two girls and we others have boys…

Q: A few more and you have a soccer team.

L: Yeah, exactly! (laughs)

Q: Have you ever dreamt about doing a concert in space in zero gravity?

L: (laughs) We had zero gravity when we flew to Russia. There was an air hole and the plane dropped like hundred meters or so. All the glasses were in the air and the red wine…you know! And now I’m still afraid of flying. I’m glad it didn’t break. And it was a funny thing because the Scorpions and everybody was on this plane. If it would have come down it would have been a big headline.

Q: Buddy Holly 2.

L: Yeah, but the thing about flying is…it’s too safe. It’s so rare that something happens and people die much more in traffic like car accidents.

Q: But if a plane crashes they die all at once.

L: Yeah, and if it happens, you know that you can’t do anything… f*uck. Well, let’s not talk about it. (laughs)

Q: What do you think about all the people that (illegal) download music via internet instead of buying it?

L: Well, the trouble for the music industry is… well, some Finnish band earned 30 cent but the song was listened by many people. If it goes like this, record companies go down or struggle. Who is gonna make the albums? Who is gonna pay for that, if nobody pays for the record? But then again things are changing. Like…there are people who buy only one song of an album. So I don’t think that the whole album, this package of music is that big thing anymore. Only for…real hardcore fans. That’s a shame because an album is great thing. The power of the songs when you listen to the whole album is like “one big song feeling” that keeps the songs together.

Q: What about the rumor that in the future you want to produce everything digitally?

L: The thing is…will there be CDs anymore? Look at the flea markets. Nobody wants to buy them anymore because it’s just a piece of plastic. I need to have it like…here on my iPod.

Some pictures from the interview also courtesy of Black Roses Community: 1 2 3 4


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