Lauri playing Pikkuveli for PMMP and short summary of the Radio Helsinki Interview

Asenne Esiin!

Lauri have played yesterday for PMMP their song called Pikkuveli and also followed on acustic guitar one of the heavier songs called Mummola. Thanks to Oana, here you can see the video of Lauri performing Pikkuveli :).

As promised (sorry a little later) here it is about what Lauri have been talking about in the Radio Helsinki Interview on 31.01.
-He have been on a holiday with his family in Thailand.
-They are now working on their new album on their own, without producers and yet without record label (as their contract with Playground Music Scandinavia expired), and they are testing their skills.
-He was asked if the new material will bring any new stuff to the fans. He said that he have been recently listening to a lot of electro music, and that those might have some effect on the stuff they will do, but it will still sound like Rasmus.
-They will be making now their album, and do some festivals as well. They hope they can release the album by autumn, but nothing is sure yet.
-They have started studio work starting with 1st February and they hope they can come up with some surprises soon.
-He have been also talking about Dynasty, that it is not the easiest thing ever to manage a record company but they are doing it fine, and it’s always good to see new artists coming up in the spotlight.


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