Lauri @ Gloria on 09/02/2010

According to the Official website of PMMP, the band will have a kind of charity gig at the Gloria Cultural Arena in Helsinki on the 9th of February. At the event will be invited special guests of the music business too, and there will be Lauri too. The event will last for 4 hours, starting at 7PM local time and ends at 11PM local time. Seemingly YleX will stream the event, but yet there is no official confirmation of the event from them. You can find more details about the event here (site in Finnish).
PMMP and Jätkäjätkä will have concert at Gloria 9.2. • 15/1/2010
Attitudes up! PMMP and Jätkäjätkä will have a concert at the cultural arena Gloria on the 9th February 2010 for a better attitude. The concert is support ed by Amnesty Finland, Human Rights section, and is organized by YleX, TV2, Gloria Cultural Arena and Amnesty Finland Association. For more information visit and
At the concert will also be present Lauri Ylönen, Olavi Uusivirta, Niina Sinkkonen and Hanna and Elina Silander.
Tickets are 18 Euro + delivery fee, they can be bought on
K15. Welcome!
Kulttuuriarena Gloria, Pieni Roobertinkatu 12, Helsinki
Thank you to Oana for letting us know about this. 🙂

Furthermore, yes we have found out about rumors concerning the new album title and release of the guys, as some of you may have noticed on our MySpace or Twitter. The news have appeared on the Spanish Wikipedia, and have been deleted after a day. The whole information provided about a new album with a release date in July entitled Black Sky and a first single with the title Blair were FALSE. Please be aware of the sources you use when finding out information about the guys. Don’t believe everything you see on random sites, especially if there is no source link mentioned for the information to official sources. 😉

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