Miesystävä – Lauri Ylönen, Radio Nova Interview with Lauri

Lauri @ Radio Nova

As stated in the previous post, here, Lauri have been at the Radio Nova between 2PM and 3PM (Finnish Time) and have been doing interview about how he will celebrate Christmas with Paula and his son, about their past touring with Alice Cooper and Scorpions, about the their upcoming album on which they are currently working, about their anniversary gig. During the show they have played several The Rasmus songs like Livin’ In A World Without You Acustic, Last Generation and some other.

Here you can find a small part of the whole interview where he talks about the Christmas, and his son, being Santa Claus.
Here you can find another small part of the interview where he talks about how he spent the Finnish Independence Day Celebrations (Linnan Juhlat) this year, this time with his fiance, PMMP’s Paula Vesala; about how does a dream-weekend looks like for him; about how does he spends the time with his son outside now that is snow, that they go sailing sometimes; about the fact of he is taking care of Julius when Paula is having a gig.

Here is another part where he talks about the anniversary gig they had in their former school in Helsinki.

And here is the 4th part of the interview where he tells about Black Roses on which they worked with Desmond Child, it had big expectations but it didn’t got the right way. Right now they don’t have any contract with any record company so they are working in their own studio on some new material; Lauri have been on holiday at the Caribbean Islands.


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