Sonic Seducer December 2009/January 2010

Big thanks to Jessica who have translated to us the article that have appeared in the new issue of Sonic Seducer in Germany. Scans will come soon for the recent articles from Orkus, Rockoon and this one too.

The Rasmus
School’s not out

What do you do in Singapore?
Well, we’re sitting here together and write new songs. Our guitarist is living here for 2 years. A nice place to live, very different to Finland. Pauli likes the beach and at the same time he has the advantages of a large city. It always takes a long time to write new songs, you can’t do it over night. In the future we’d like to release albums faster and more often so that everything’s a bit more recent. Just as my favourite band Weezer that somehow manages to release a new album every year. We have so many songs, why shouldn’t we release them faster and more often. Especially today as the multimedia world has changed so much, people buy more songs or singles than albums.

By your standards you didn’t tour so much for this disc, why?
That’s true, earlier there often have been 6 gigs per week. But this year we took some days off in summer. We just wanted to spend time with our families, with our children.

15 years of The Rasmus – to celebrate that, there will be a Best Of, a new single and…
… a very special concert, that is to say in a gym of our old school Suutarila in Helsinki, where we had our first gig in 1994 at Christmas. Unfortunately you can’t buy tickets, only 300 people fit into the hall and that will mainly be friends and old class mates. Hopefully there will also be someone who hated us back then and still doesn’t like us today – that would be fun! It was also fun when I spoke to the principal of the school. I found the number on the internet, so I called him and said: hello, here is Lauri Ylönen, we would like to play a concert in the school. He answered: Is that a joke? And I had to convince him for a long while that it’s really me.

What would you also want The Rasmus to happen in the next 15 years? Do you think that you’re still here in 2024?
The last days we talked more about the future and the past, about what and where we want to be, than wrote songs. I can’t see any reason why we shouldn’t still be there in 15 years. We just noticed that we want to make an album that is very much back to basic again. The experience to work with Desmond Child was right and important for us, also very informative, but now we just want to get started without much planning and so much money, and look what we will get out of it. Today you can also make a good album on the computer at home.

Do you think that the next album will have a poppy sound like “Black Roses”?
Every time I said something about that we got an absolutely different one out of it. We wrote a song that has heavy 80s disco vibes but also that can change and suddenly be totally different. We try to take the song as it is and to not think about any style. You just look what the song needs and try to make an individual out of it. Later we think about how everything fits together. I don’t want to have a theme for this album, I try to avoid that. Last time everything was planned very detailed, I don’t want to repeat that.

Also the feathers are there again, on the cover of the Best Of and the cover of the single “October & April” (release 13 Nov) that you have recorded with Nightwish’s Anette Olzon.
We wanted to have a cover that represents the last decade. I think this image especially reminds of this time. But I also have my feathers here in Singapore and had them long before “In The Shadows”, they just were white back then. Actually, the song is 12 years old. We drank much wine and had fun to write a parody of all of these boy band songs. We imagined this picture of us, like in the pouring rain, the shirts wet and open, on our knees and looking up to the sky – it was much fun! I didn’t know Anette before, I never met her personally. So I called the keyboarder of Nightwish and asked whether I could ask Anette to sing a duet with me. That felt very weird, as if you’d call the father of a girl (giggles). But he was very enthusiastic and immediately contacted her, she possibly is a fan of The Rasmus and even sang songs of us with her cover band earlier. I only saw her at the video shooting in Helsinki. But we phoned very much and she is this type of person with which you can easily get along and about whom you believe you know her for a long time.

Such a Best Of often has the bitter aftertaste of the expiration of the contract…
Yes, that’s true; “Black Roses” was the last disc for Playground/Universal. And with that, this chapter is completed. I hope that we will soon open a new, interesting chapter. But I want to take my time concerning new contracts and new bondings. First I’ll write new songs and then I’ll think about the deals.


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