Article with Eero and Aki from Suosikki 1/2009

By: Ghost of Love

Dec 01 2009

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So here’s a quite old article from the beginning of this year with Eero and Aki…you can find here some pictures of the article: 1 2 3 4

Godfathers of the Children Clinics
The Rasmus as best Finnish band
The Rasmus’s Aki and Eero are about to begin a worldwide tour soon.
The Rasmus is the band of the year.
1. Aki and Eero: This is a very great surprise! Finland has very good and tough bands that were mostly present here in the competition, so the winning feels even better. Our supporters were pretty active and voted for us.
2. Aki: The disk was published. When i hold it for the first time in my hands, it was kind of a moment like for a little boy at Christmas. It’s more and more exciting year after year. Will always be a great feeling at every new beginning.
Eero: I made for the album a documentary, which ended on a special edition of the disk. It was a quite new experience, but also a really good one. Probably will continue with something similar.
Aki: When i first saw the documentary i was a little horrified, but on the other hand i was proud of all of us, because it was a pretty good thing for all of us after all these years. The Rasmus will be 15 years old next year, it is a long life for a band.
Aki and Eero: We have now begun a kind of massive tour, that we have done before too. Like let’s go to Finland at the end of January, and then will be back at home sometimes around April. It’s been on our minds like this a lot of times, like how it would be to be away from home so long.
4. Eero: I might have promised to use the Internet. It’s kind of vice, being all the time on Facebook. The tour-bus has Internet too, where supposedly was nice to learn things.
Aki: It is kind of an egoistic job, and i could promise that i will try and be more considerate towards other people, when i’m not supposed to show a figure of myself.
5. Aki ja Eero: Thinking about the welfare of the people in our country i think the “Godfathers of Children’s Clinic” is a good idea. The subject is a basic one, but it’s good.


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