Eero as a hard-core Paramore Fan and article from Orkus,Germany

Here‘s a video YleX uploaded with Eero doing an interview with two members of Paramore before their gig in Helsinki. Below the video the text says that Eero is a kind of hard-core fan of the american band. The interview is in English.

Furthermore thanks to Jessica here comes an article from Orkus no.12/01 December 2009/ January 2010. Pictures and translation was made by Jessica. Picture 1 and Picture 2. Please if you take the pictures and the translation don’t forget to credit the person who have done the work to us. 🙂 Thank You!

„First, I called Tuomas Holopainen as if he was the father and me the guy who wants to ask for his daughter’s hand.”

Then they say something about In The Shadows etc., there’s nothing that we don’t already know.

Lauri Ylönen:
Hi, right now I’m in Singapore at the airport and have to kill two hours until my flight to Helsinki will arrive.

Orkus: What did you do in Singapore?
LY: I visited our guitarist to work at new songs for the new album. He’s living there for over a year and has a family by now. It was a wonderful creative time, first of all because we did very much with his native friends and have learnt very much about the culture. But now I really look forward to Finland – these trips open my mind for the beauty of my home country.

O: Is it actually something special for you to visit foreign countries? After all, you have already visited over 60 countries with The Rasmus.
LY: Again and again it’s an adventure. Not least because I absolutely dislike flying! (laughs) No, I really don’t like these “iron birds”. Apart from that I love to travel, especially when I can visit places again of which I know that I liked them. For example, I always look forward to being in Milan. I already know then where I’ll drink a coffee.

O: Which country or which city appealed you the most? Was it something such exotic as India?
LY: India absolutely left its mark, that’s clear. However, I can’t say that I felt really comfortable there. For any reason, I couldn’t relax. I think that was because of the wide difference we encountered. We lived in an unbelievably luxurious seven-star hotel, but when we left it, there was an unimaginable poverty. Indeed, our concert in India was very emotional but I prefer the more calm places. I found Iceland, e. g., breathtaking beautiful.

O: You became 30 years old this year. In which way did this age change your point of view concerning The Rasmus?
LY: Of course very much, I’m not the same person anymore which I was when I was 20. I lived absolutely different when The Rasmus started off internationally, and although I dislike this word, I definitely became more mature, which is for sure also related to the fact that I have a son by now. But in many things I’m still a child, otherwise I wouldn’t play in a rock band. You just have to look at me now: I’m wearing an expensive suit which could be of a business man, but I have this really weird haircut. (laughs)

O: The international success mentioned earlier began 2003 with In The Shadows on a grand scale. Many bands develop something like a love-hate relationship to their most successful track. Is it the same with you?
LY: Well, I never hated this track. Of course sometimes it’s getting on my nerves that people are imitating me with the beginning of the song on the street but you have to live with it. The way I see it is like that: without this song I wouldn’t be in Singapore now, without this song many things wouldn’t have happened.

O: It’s only right that this track is the first on your Best Of 2001 – 2009. Which thoughts crossed your mind when you did this look back at your music?
LY: I instinctively had to think about how many video clips we made in all these years. I remembered all the exhausting and funny shots which we did in Cuba, in the USA, Sweden or Finland. These were really exhausting years! So many unbelievable things happened that we couldn’t do everything some offered us. E. g. at that time, we couldn’t fly to New Zealand although In The Shadows was also there number one in the charts. On the one hand it’s a pity but on the other hand we can still catch it up.

O: With October & April there’s also a new song – a wintry melancholic duet with the Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon. Why did you choose her?
LY: At any rate I wanted to have a singer of a Finnish band and as right now, Nightwish is Finland’s biggest band, the choice was easy. First, I called Tuomas Holopainen as if he was the father and me the guy who wants to ask for his daughter’s hand. (laughs)

O: There haven’t been other candidates?
LY: Well, actually yes. You have to know that the song already existed a few years ago and that time I wanted to have Tarja Turunen for that duet. But at that time her problems with Nightwish possibly began, so she turned me down. I was rather disappointed, so the song was put off for quite a while. It’s really weird that it now worked out with the next Nightwish singer but also quite funny.

O: Perhaps Tarja would have been a bit too much for this song.
LY: By now I think the same and am very happy about the fact that I worked with Anette. (sings just like a proof some shrill Nightwish beats) No, Tarja’s voice would definitely have been too bombastic for this song (laughs).

O: Was it difficult to get into a romantic atmosphere which is required for this sad love song?
LY: Absolutely no problem! This song has an unbelievable beautiful atmosphere into which you can delve immediately. The story of October who is eternally in love with April but cannot have her is a popular lullaby for children in Finland. We absolutely wanted to keep this magical, dreamy character and because of that we set value on this atmosphere lost in reverie. Even if we finally got a real “murder ballad”.


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