YleX Interview Update!

As stated in this post, Eero and Lauri have been on Monday (23.11) morning at the YleX Radio and did a small interview about the anniversary gig, compilation album and many other things. The site of the radio is being update continuously and here are some of the videos they have posted up.

In the first video they talked about the compilation album that was released today worldwide. They talk about their first appearance in YleX radio, about the tracklist of the compilation album (the fact that they have picked up more like the singles and those songs that have been hits),about their future plans (they have already been in studio and recorded some demos, but they still have a lot to work).
In the second video they talk about how the song No Fear was born and that they have did Hide From The Sun so soon after Dead Letters because there was a pressure on them to make it. Pauli have come up with the riffs and the demo of the song and then they have developed it more.
In the third video Lauri is telling the story about how October and April was born as a parody song of boy-bands and that he first called Tuomas to ask for Anette’s phone number and then called her, she found it a nice idea. They have talked about everything only through the phone, but they first met only when they made the video for the song.


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