Suutarila Gig Media Update 2!

Here are some more articles/videos from and about the gig the guys did on Monday 23.11 to celebrate 15 years of being in the music business.

Two videos from IltaLehti: 1 (with Rakkauslaulu sung by two fans Mari and Miku) and 2 (footages from the gig and interview with Lauri).

There is one article from here, which basically tells a short history of the band that in 1994 the band started with their first gig in the school, then still having the name of Anttila. They had two songs of their own and five cover songs which they have played.
Now they returned and they started their gig with the same song as 15 years before, Myself, Lauri telling it is because it’s hard to “be myself”.
Then he talks about the fact that Suutarila High School give a support (and does now too) for those aiming for musical life, they even had two drum-kits.
Eero tells how they were driven by the desire to achieve something and had a burning desire to play music, so at first they did it just because of hobby, but after a while it turned to something more serious.
at the end you can see the data everyone writes about that they had sold over 1.5 million albums of Dead Letters and they own the title for the best-selling Finnish song of all time (guess it’s ITS).
It also has some pictures taken by Yle. 🙂
Another article that have appeared on this issue was on the site of, which tells about that the school was a good place for inspiration and they have spent a lot of their time practicing there after the lessons. And that they have also used the school radio to promote their very first songs.

Also this post have been updated and new gallery links have been added. 🙂


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