More from the Anniversary gig!

Here comes some pictures and videos from the gig. As soon as more will appear THIS POST will be UPDATED!

Pictures from the gig: 1; Official Gallery on IRC-Galleria ; Pictures by ; Pictures by Yle;

Videos are available on this account on YouTube by Rafaelinux and audio by thierrocker, members of the International The Rasmus Forum. Thank You to both of them!

There are also some other video interviews available on the site of and on since yesterday Eero and Lauri have been doing interview for the radio about the compilation album that is released tomorrow worldwide. They talk about their first appearance in YleX radio, about the tracklist of the compilation album (the fact that they have picked up more like the singles and those songs that have been hits),about their future plans (they have already been in studio and recorded some demos, but they still have a lot to work).
Here is also one picture from the photo-shoot they have  done yesterday in their former high school.


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  1. […] this post have been updated and new gallery links have been […]

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