The Rasmus Live @ Suutarila High School

The guys have finished their anniversary gig about half an hour ago. They moved the small crowd from the Gym Hall of the Suutarila High School from Helsinki, Finland. Though the setlist was pretty short, barely reaching an hour, they have managed to cover the same era they did with their compilation album which will be released on the 25th November, on Wednesday. The setlist was the following: Myself; F-f-f-falling ; Ghost of love; Chill; Livin’ in world without you; In my life; No fear; First Day of My Life; Liquid; In The Shadows; Guilty; Rakkauslaulu; Sail Away.

Before the gig they have appeared a few articles with Lauri, and some with both Lauri and Eero. The one appearing first on the site of claims there will be a longer interview available on their site tomorrow (24.11) and some footages from the gig. The second article presents some facts from Lauri’s past (his changing of hair color, he’s dad and his partner is PMMP’s Paula Vesala with who he has a one and half year old boy). There is also a video on the site of IltaSanomat with the guys doing photoshoots.

As soon as more media will be available from the gig we will let you know in due time ;).


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