Lauri and Anette @ The Dome 52

As you all know Lauri and Anette have been visiting yesterday The Dome 52 in Graz, Austria. They have done the Red Carpet and the performance of October & April, and most probably some interviews too.

Here are some pictures from the Soundcheck, Red Carpet and the performance, and also one video with Lauri from the Red Carpet.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Screens of the Video with Lauri made by Oana: 11 12 13 14 15 16
Video Interview with Lauri on the Red Carpet.

If there is more material from the event be sure we’ll let you know about them right in time ;). AS SOON AS THEY APPEAR THIS POST WILL BE UPDATED SO CHECK THIS ONE AND NOT FOR NEW POSTS WITH NEW MEDIA MATERIAL.

Furthermore i would like to thank you to everyone who have been visiting us and also appreciating the work we do by linking when taking something (especially in the case of translations). I have been experiencing a not so good thing, that some communities tend to take them and just copy paste without any mention of the source. I know i do now own copyrights for doing translations and either an Oscar or a Nobel Prize for doing so, but i would be grateful if as a sign of appreciation at least you would mention where from you have the translation. I considered the fact to not to do proper translations anymore, just summary…I’ve considered the fact to close down the site due to all time argues and bashings about this issue, but after all i won’t. The idea would be to SHARE with people who don’t know the Finnish language (or any other), so i will keep on posting translations until the point when i will have problems with such things again (with other communities, cause i know the one i have problem with won’t be solved).


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