“Lauri Ylönen promises to behave this time at the Linna Celebrations” Aamulehti Interview with Lauri

Thanks to Oana who have found this interview with Lauri made by Aamulehti.fi talking about parenthood, touring with Alice Cooper,Scorpions and Kingdom come, and previous experience at the Linna Celebration on Independence Day of Finland (6th December). You can find the translation of the article below, and since it is made by me please link us if you repost it. Thank You! 🙂

Lauri Ylönen promises to behave this time at the Linna Celebrations
The Rasmus Lauri Ylönen made a picture of himself with his phone’s camera for Aamulehti.
The Rasmus celebrates their 15th anniversary with releasing a collection album and with a gig in the sports hall of the Suutarila High School.

Where can we find the most fanatic The Rasmus fans?
-Maybe in Britain. There are a couple of girl fans who have been at 62 gigs. They are a bit older, oh well aged around 30 who wanted also to come to the celebration gig.
What is the strangest thing ever you have done during your career?
-In Taiwan i was live on the TV drinking some snake poison drink.
During the summer you’ve been touring with Alice Cooper, Scorpions and Kingdom Come in Russia. What kind of experience it was?
-It was great to be around our childhood heroes. Everyone was nice and really open. The 30-years of age difference wasn’t disturbing at all. Sometimes it was weird to see the same aged guys put the same make-up on their face…it was both sad and cool in the same time.
Who is taking care of your son if the mother PMMP’s Paula vesala and you are at a gig too?
-There haven’t been too much of those situation recently, because most of us band members have young children and been at kind of a paternity leave.
So you will be going to the Linna Celebrations?
-While i have been on my Asian trip i have got some couple of dresses that would do fine for the Linna Celebrations. This time i will go to the party with a partner. Last time i took a friend with me, Siiri Nordin. I thought you don’t have to bring at the party your lady. But apparently i have been forgiven. And i promise that this time i will behave.
The Rasmus will have their 15-year anniversary concert on the 23.11 in the Gym Hall of the Suutarila High School. Their Best of 2001-2009 compilation album appears on the 23.11.
Read more questions and Lauri Ylönen’s answers in Wednesday’s Aamulehti.


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