“Lauri Ylönen: I quited drinking” MetroLive.fi Interview with Lauri

Today appeared a new interview with Lauri on metrolive.fi about his life and career. You can read the translation of the interview below. Translation made by me, so please if you decide to repost link us back 🙂 Thank You!

Lauri Ylönen: I quit drinking
The Rasmus’ leadsinger reads stories for his son through Skype
Last year The Rasmus members spent their first summer in fifteen years without gigs. Lauri Ylönen could even get to enjoy his time with his one and half year old Julius son and at his girlfriend’s PMMP’s Paula Vesala’s gigs.
– When Paula is doing gigs i often take care of him.I can’t think of any reason why i wouldn’t be with my son in park making sand cake, Ylönen says enjoying the parenthood.
Fatherhood is in combination with touring, although being away from family for year long is not the most attractive thing. The Rasmus have been touring in Europe at the beginning of the year for several months.
-At those points i’ve been using the technology: i read fairy tales to my son through Skype. It might sound cold. I’m confident in the future about a free education, such as mine was.
Ylönen is actively writing new material for their future releases. The singer was recently in Singapore where Pauli Rantasalmi lives to put the pieces together.
-With this journey i got a perspective of how a good place Finland is. In Singapore there is a complete lack of freedom of speech, which is quite a sick thing.
Ylönen would like to also publish new material more often, since modern technology allows you to make good quality songs in in your own bedroom.
-It would be really a cool thing if the songs could be “printed” with a single press of Enter, and so the listeners can hear the first version. When you work on a disk for 3 years, it’s no longer needing to be improvised. I see the market is changing essentially, so publication of an album is not already a major event.
The Rasmus will celebrate their 15th anniversary with a compilation album and with a performance in their junior high school, where the band also had their first gig.
Ylönen sees that the band got more listeners when the song In The Shadows had success in foreign countries too.
– The following years then were some tough times. We had a booming energy, but were worn out after the gigs. I was really so disordered at that time.
– It was kind of a “foggy” time when after the gigs we had to consume a lot of alcohol. Now i quit drinking for six months already, Ylönen says.
The Rasmus was about to split before their world fame came.Today, it would be an impossible thing.
-I feel that friendship kept us together. This become a great part of the life, without which life would seem really boring. I would be sad to leave for a solo career.
-It would make more sense to say to “retire” for a long time from doing gigs, than to make a lot of people’s eyes full of tears, and then come back after years from now. If it would be for us to break up, we would surely only retire for a long break.
The Rasmus’ Best of 2001-2009 appears Wednesday 25.11. The band will have a gig in Suutarila High School Monday 23.11


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