Lauri @ Voice Heräämö

(photo by @ Qstock 2009) As promised Lauri have been visiting today the studio of Voice TV, the morning show called Heräämö. With 10 minutes late he have arrived to the studio and went ahead to inform the fans about what he can and answer the questions of the presentators. Voice have published 3 articles and 3 videos with the interview from today and you can find them below, and the translation too of the articles by me, so please if you repost the information link us. 🙂
Articles: 1 2 3 ; Videos: 1 2 3

Translation of article nr.1
For The Rasmus’ Lauri existed fans count
The Rasmus’ frontman Lauri Ylönen visited today Voice’s Heräämö to talk among others about what kind of fans the band has today, crazy fans can be found in South America.
The Rasmus’ Lauri Ylönen today at the Heräämö told to Voice that there are a lot of fans in South America, that sometimes even look like him.
-A while ago I painted my hair blonde, and a Mexican boy who imitates everything I do, also dyed his hair. Of course he had very dark hair and had to dye it like 20 times, Ylönen laughed at Heräämö.
Singer claimed the South American fans to be very brave and also open. Foreign fans come to him to talk more easily, even if the language could be a problem. Ylönen admits that sometimes meeting fans can excite him much more than the fans itself are.

-In many cases it’s a very exciting situation for both sides. I lie if I say I do not know them, but there are types that imagine that they know me somehow…

Translation of article nr.2:
The Rasmus’ Lauri will be at the party in Linna
Among others, to this year’s Linna Independence Day celebrations could find invitation in their email also PMMP’s Paula Vesala. The woman involved, will take to the celebration also her partner, Lauri Ylönen, who will now give out some details of the party.
The Rasmus’s Lauri Ylönen visited this morning Voice’ Heräämö and talked also about the upcoming party at Linna. He told that he would wear a fairly traditional dress.
-I could maybe put up some fun shoes, because I’m kind of freaked because of the shoes. Maybe some old man style shoes, the singer laughed at Heräämö.
Invitations to the Linna festivities are already familiar to Ylönen, so he no longer needs to be around the president. The singer recalled the tormenting and agonizing hand-shaking moments at the opening.
-At the hallways you were sweating and someone was organizing people as they would be in a cattle. It is somehow far from being glamorous, Ylönen described.

Translation of article nr.3:
The Rasmus stopped touring, compilation album to come
The Rasmus will publish a compilation album next week. The band plans to celebrate with an unusual gig at the Suutarila High School.
The band’s vocalist, Lauri Ylönen revealed to Voice how it went the discussion with the principle of Suutarila High School.
-My hand was shaking when I was dialing the number. The principal have not initially thought that it was me as Lauri Ylönen, so I had to explain him what’s the matter, Lauri laughs.
The high school gig at Suutarila is organized for current pupils of the school, but also for formers mates of the band members who were their friends.
-I hope the teachers will be at the gig too.
Unfortunately for those who can’t make it to the school gig The Rasmus has only the collection album to offer. According to Lauri new gig dates will be fixed in the first part of the next year, quite many of them.
-We wanted to have a particular era for this collection album. We didn’t wanted gigs and again the riding on the old success, Lauri points out the reason of the gig-break.
The Rasmus compilation album contains familiar hits and also the duet with Nightwish’ vocalist Anette Olzon.

During the videos he is talking about the same issues since the articles and the videos are connected. During the interview he was given small green socks with some print on it, from someone named Kirsi who made them for Lauri’s son, Julius. 🙂


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  1. Lauri i love you rakkaus.kisses 😀

  2. Lauri Minä rakastan sinua,
    olet midellines mies 😀 kisses a Julios. Näkemiim.

  3. all the songs are amazing thank you for that lauri .you know what ?you made the life much easier i love you

  4. Hello wafaa: Kiitos for you coment,pero sorry no se mucho ingles. 😐 soy de España(Madrid) Yes,killä,si,conoci a Lauri,tengo una photo con el.Wafaa,Lauri es muy cariñoso, 😀 y me trato muy bien. Bey-Näkemiin-adios.jajajaja.

  5. Lauri my elämä,sinä olet my maailma.
    i love so much rakkaani. 😀

  6. rakkaus Finlandia ^-^
    Minä rakastan sinua Lauri ylonen, 😀 olet täydellinen mies.
    Olem you fan N-1 de España my love.Kisses a you beautiful vauva Julius.

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