The Dome 52 Appearance with Anette

On the site of the event there have been made an announcement about The Rasmus and Anette doing a performance of October & April on the 20th November at the The Dome 52 in Graz, Austria.

You can find the announcement here.

Moreover, the interview with Lauri made by the Black Roses Community will be on about Sunday or next week on the website of the community; the admins of it stated so in the following statement:

Thank You!..for all the questions. We received far more than 100 mails and it was a hard decision to pick just a few out of about 250 questions. Smile But we finally made it and we think that the interview is quite interesting and funny.
We try to type it up as fast as possible – maybe you get it on sunday already!
Cool But if we don’t manage it till then, please don’t be mad at us. We talked for more than 30 minutes…which means a lot of words. Lol

Larka & Jumala


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